ODE Compliance

Last Updated: 11/2/2022 6:00 PM

Our Teaching & Learning team is deeply knowledgeable about licensing and compliance standards from the Ohio Department of Education. We remain connected with ODE contacts to ensure our districts have the latest updates and helpful resources at their disposal.

OTES 2.0 and OPES 2.0 Training and Credentialing

  • Provide both Bridge Training and New Evaluator Training at no charge
  • Offer blended delivery options for our member districts
  • Facilitate on-site training sessions on OhioES (online educator evaluation system) for administrators and teachers to collect and store resources used to determine educator performance based on state-defined rubric
  • Provide on-site implementation and rollout planning for OTES 2.0
  • Plan and deliver OTES 2.0 Overviews for Educators to bring awareness to the shifts in OTES 2.0
  • Provide guidance and support in the development of High Quality Student Data


  • Promote the use of student performance data among educators to strengthen professional practice and improve learning for all students.
  • Facilitate on-site training sessions to build capacity for administrators (on-demand)
  • Facilitate training and support sessions for teachers to use Value Added as HQSD
  • Provide professional development for all aligned districts on the changes to Value Added 

Licensed Gifted Coordination

  • Ensure district compliance per Ohio’s Gifted Operating Standards
  • Provide guidance and support for district gifted services
  • Offers Visual and Performing Arts Assessment two times a year per ODE Gifted Operating Standards
  • Provide Teacher High Quality Professional Development to general education teachers working with gifted students
  • Work to collect and submit EMIS data to district EMIS contact

Find more information about our Gifted offerings here

Resident Educator Program and Mentor Training

  • Ohio Resident Educator ProgramProvide support and training to district Resident Educator programming
  • Facilitate district program coordinator meetings, providing updates and specific training
  • Develop and provide adaptable materials and resources for districts
  • Assume role of facilitators for district teachers completing RESA task(s)

PBIS State Training and Implementation

  • Provide training to assist with developing building and/or district-level PBIS team(s), establishing school-wide behavior expectations, and creating a plan to teach behavior expectations to all stakeholders
  • Provide on-site coaching visits to district teams
  • Support implementation of PBIS framework as required by HB 318

English Learner Program and Supports

  • Offer a consortium to support school districts and community schools with Title III English learner (EL) allocations of less than $10,000 
  • Provide member network curriculum support and professional development

Find our extensive list of English Learner Programs and Supports here

Roster Verification

  • School Set-Up training sessions for administrators to provide updates and process review
  • Teacher Roster Verification sessions for administrators to provide updates and process review
  • Provide on-site administrative support for review and approval

ESCEO ODE Compliance Team