Last Updated: 11/4/2022 2:42 PM

What is the Resident Educator Program?

The Ohio Resident Educator program is a four-year induction program that provides ongoing support to Ohio’s new teachers throughout their residency.

For a more complete overview of the program, please visit: ODE Resident Educator Program Overview/General Information.

Access the Learning Management System through the OH|ID Portal.

What is the Role of the ESCEO?

The ESC of Eastern Ohio is committed to providing support through training and professional development. The Resident Educator Team provides direct support to Lead Mentors/Program Coordinators, Mentors and Resident Educators. We strive to help educators answer the question, How can I be a better educator tomorrow than I was today and lead others to do the same?

Click here to view information about the ESCEO's RESA Support sessions for the 2022-2023 school year.

Connect with Our Resident Educator Program Team

Carrie Sammartino
Resident Educator Lead

Sam Kelecava
Resident Educator Team Member

Mike Klacik
Resident Educator Team Member

Paula Roberts
Resident Educator Team Member

Anthony Savric
Resident Educator Team Member