District News

Mahoning County ESC Becomes ESC of Eastern Ohio ESC of Eastern Ohio

“We have a strong, innovative team,” says Hostetler. “Our supports have extended far beyond Mahoning County for years. Nothing is changing except our name  - we are still offering the same tailored, innovative services and dedicated staff ... the new name simply provides a more accurate representation of the service area we have already established.”

Community Organizations Invited to Participate in Family Night for English Learners Voices of the Valley

ESCEO and Campbell City Schools are partnering to host an event for English Language Learners to inform families and connect students and families with local resources to help students succeed.

ESCEO Announces Public Education Advocacy Event Advocacy Day 2021

ESCEO's Advocacy Day, on Thursday, April 22, is the first of its kind for local educators. Several discussions with policymakers and officials in the education space are scheduled throughout the day.

The event is open to any public school administrator, teacher, board member, or staff. Districts affiliated with ESCEO receive free admission to the discussions.

ESC of Eastern Ohio Receives $150,000 for Building Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Program
MCESC Recognizes Board Member Service MCESC Governing Board
Mahoning Valley Regional Council of Governments Announces New Board Members MVRCOG Logo
Local School Employees Scheduled to Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations Picture of Covid19 Vaccine bottle
MCESC Provides Students with Virtual Resources to Investigate Careers, Trades, and Schools Picture of virtual JA Inspire lobby
Toys for Tots Provides Gifts for Local Families through Help Me Grow Picture of Toys for Tots box
Mahoning County ESC Receives Grant Picture of Code & Go Robot Mouse Maze
Employers Called to Engage with Students at JA Inspire Picture of JA Inspire Logo