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The Career Counseling team serves thousands of students Eastern Ohio. Our team works directly with students, businesses, and organizations to increase career readiness skills, shaping the region's workforce of tomorrow. We support educators and administrators.


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Virtual Career Exploration
Our Career Counselors provide tools and resources for students to explore a number of opportunities for their future. We provide access to assessments that produce individualized results of career pathways based on student interests. Students and classes can join discussions with individuals from a variety of professions, or browse our library of recorded conversations as they investigate options.


ESCEO-Supported Career Exploration Events

  • Virtual Career Exploration Series
  • Student Lunch and Learn
  • Career and Trade Day Events
  • Student Job Fairs
  • Career Tours 
  • Job Shadow Experience
  • Educator in the Workplace



ESCEO Skill-Building Opportunities

  • Pre-Apprenticeship Program: Success in life after high school isn't limited to education and training. In addition to credentialing opportunities, our Career Counseling Team also offers support for practical skills and knowledge needed for a student to transition into an independent, self-sufficient adult.
  • Industry Credentials (Explore ESCEO Industry Credentialing Opportunities here)
  • Career Exploration and Life Skills Courses


Career Counselors work with school counselors and administrators to track high school students' end of course points, ACT scores, industry credentials, gradation seals, and other measures to determine graduation eligibility. Our team will work with students and staff to find pathways to not only meet graduation requirements, but also find meaningful employment post-graduation. Career Counselors also track all components of the new College, Career, Workforce and Military Readiness Component in preparation for its 2024-2025 release.


The Mahoning Valley Business Advisory Council advises, supports and empowers educators in delivering the instruction and experiences students need to develop relevant, in-demand employment skills as part of their academic and technical preparation for college, careers and/or military service. Click here to see more about our Business Advisory Council. 

Connect with our Career Counseling Team

Sandy Furano
Director, Mahoning Valley Regional Council of Governments

Robert Eggleston
Coordinator - Career Counseling

Doug Foster
Career Counselor

Gina Saxton
Career Counselor

Michael Palm
Career Counselor

Heather Jackson
Career Counselor

Career Programs

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