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We offer special education classes for students identified through IDEA as having Multiple Disabilities from Kindergarten through grade 12 and Transition options as determined appropriate by the IEP team.  We currently have classrooms in many of our school districts throughout Mahoning County and Portage County placements for students are determined by the IEP team. 

According to the Ohio Department of Education's Definition,  "Multiple Disabilities" means concomitant impairments (such as mental retardation-blindness or mental retardation-orthopedic impairment), the combination of which causes such severe educational needs that they cannot be accommodated in typical special education programs.  “Multiple disabilities” does not include deaf-blindness.

  • The program is a cooperative effort to service Ohio's schools with programs located in Mahoning and Portage Counties and serves elementary, middle and high school students. 
  •  An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed based on the needs of the student to serve as a pathway for instruction.
  • The class size shall not exceed eight students with a teacher who is a licensed intervention specialist in the state of Ohio. One licensed aide is required by law for each classroom.
  • Related services are provided to those students who qualify in the areas of speech and language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision services and orientation and mobility.  Therapy can be provided within the classroom and in community settings.
  • The curriculum is based on the Extended Ohio Academic Content Standards. 

A group of qualified professionals and the parents of the child may determine the child has multiple disabilities if the child exhibits:

  1. A combination of two or more areas of disability as defined in rule 3301-51-01 of the Administrative Code, except for a combination that includes a specific learning disability; and
  2. A severe or profound deficit in communication or adaptive behavior documented through the use of individually administered standardized instruments which have been validated for the specific purpose of measuring communication or adaptive behavior.

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Special Education Supervisor
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